Here's a summary of what you're getting into.

1. This survey is completely anonymous. Your feedback is entirely free (absolutely no strings attached) and confidential, unless you share it with someone.

2. You will get two types of feedback. First, we will give you scores on 27 narrow personality traits (the SPI 27). This method was developed in 2016 based on several years of data collected through this website. Second, we will give you scores on five broad personality traits (the "Big Five"). This method for assessing personality has the most consensus among psychology researchers and has been around for several decades.

3. Your feedback is based on your responses. Your scores will be compared to the previous 400,000 participants in this survey. The more items you answer, the more reliable your feedback. If you don't answer many items (or you don't answer them honestly), your feedback may not accurately reflect your personality.

4. We recommend you spend at least 10-15 minutes on the questionnaire, though many people spend more time because they want to fill out all the questions. You are welcome to skip questions or quit at any time, but this will affect the quality of your feedback.

5. The first and last pages of the questionnaire relate to our current research projects - mainly, understanding the ways that personality relates to health and work and culture. These are also optional but we hope that you'll answer them. Our research is not possible without the participation of people like you. We are very grateful for your involvement!

6. A complete consent form is provided below. If you would like to give us feedback, there is a link on your report form at the end. We'd love to hear from you.

University of Oregon
Department of Psychology
Project Title: Synthetic Aperture Personality Assessment
Principal Investigator: David M. Condon

You are being asked to participate in a research study of the basic dimensions of personality. The purpose of this study is to examine the correlational structure of items used in many personality inventories. In addition, by allowing the public to participate in this web-based data collection project we hope to increase public knowledge about science-based models of personality. This questionnaire will compare your answers to those of prior respondents and give you an estimate of your level on each of several broad personality dimensions. These represent personality domains associated with aspects of power, love, work, affect and intellect and are frequently labeled Extraversion, Agreeableness, Conscientiousness, Emotional Stability, and Openness. These domains represent normal differences in personality that are typically known by friends and close colleagues. It will also estimate your level on a range of more narrow personality domains (see the content listed on this website for more details).

This personality assessment will not reveal any secret information about you, nor will it assess any serious psychological problems. The report is designed to be objective, not necessarily pleasing or flattering. Because you will be given a limited number of items, sampled from a broad pool of items, your scores will be sensitive to errors of measurement and will not necessarily agree with measures of the same traits using other items. If people who know you well disagree with the results of this assessment, then the assessment results are probably wrong. If you answer the survey carelessly or intentionally try to distort the results, then the results will be incorrect.

For more information about personality theory and research, please consult the Personality Project. Other online tests are discussed there, as well as links to reviews of current literature in personality assessment.

As a participant in this study, you will be asked to indicate your level of agreement to many statements. Most of these statements are taken from the International Personality Item Pool. Some exploratory items are taken from other sources. This questionnaire typically takes about 20 minutes to complete, although you might finish it in less time or you might take more time. The questions are not timed and you may take as long as you want on every item. You do not need to answer every item, but the results will be less accurate if you skip items. If at any time, you decide to stop, you are welcome to do so. When you submit your answers, you will be given a page that shows the best interpretation of your responses and how your results compare to others. The report generated from your participation is designed to produce estimates that are as accurate as possible, but not necessarily flattering. Again, if knowledgeable acquaintances disagree with the results of this survey, then the survey's results are probably inaccurate.

Your results are anonymous. We are not asking nor recording your name or contact information, nor are we collecting any information that is directly identifying. We do not use "cookies" or any other tracking techniques that persist after you have left this website.

Data Sharing:
None of the user-specific data collected through this project are used commercially. We do not sell or trade data. Results of this study may be used for teaching, research, publications, or presentations at scientific meetings. For the sake of scientific transparency, these data are placed into the public domain at regular intervals (every couple of years) in hopes that other researchers will attempt to reproduce or extend our findings. Before placing any data into the public domain, any variables that could be used to re-identify individual participants (either independently or in combination) are removed from the data to the best of our ability. Please note that re-identification remains a possibility, though we believe that the motivation for doing so is low. We encourage concerned participants to skip any items that they are uncomfortable answering. It is also possible that deidentified data and results (such as those relating to statistical associations between personality constructs) may be used for commercial purposes, especially given that these results are expected to be published in scientific journals and other public outlets.

Risks, Costs and Benefits:
Your participation in this study does not involve any substantive risks.

You will not be charged for any study-related procedures. You will not be paid for your participation in this study. The questionnaire does require time and energy to complete.

You may find answering these personality items interesting and informative. The personality descriptions given to you will be based upon your answers and may prove to help you understand where you stand on each of several personality dimensions.

Your participation in this study will benefit personality science by aiding in our understanding of the measurement and structure of personality.

You have the alternative to choose not to participate in this research study. You may also stop participating at any point. Your participation in this survey is voluntary and you are free to withdraw at any time.

Contact Persons:
Any questions you may have about this study may be directed to David M. Condon ( Questions about your rights as a research subject may be directed to Research Compliance Services at the University of Oregon, (541) 346-2510.